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Masrtopia 12 workshop in Assiut

The Capacity Building for Peace project (CBP) implemented the "Masrtopia 12 Workshop for the children of Assiut Governorate...

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Volunteers’ training of Masrtopia 12 workshop in Assiut

The "Capacity Building for Peace" (CBP) project team went to Assiut to start the activities of the first phase of the ...

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Signing cooperation protocols Of "Capacity Building for Peace" (CBP) project in Assiut

Ibrahimia Media Center signed a cooperation agreement with the Sout elshabab Foundation for Training and Development a...

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How to face domestic violence workshop ?

September 2020

The Ibrahimia Media Center organized a "how to face domestic violence" workshop. The Alexandrian communi... 

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EWR Tanta team training

 August, 2020

Ibrahimia Media Center carried out the training "Taaysh Ahl Hatta" in the city of Tanta...

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Why Ibrahimia Media Center?

Under the domination of the Media’ powerful, and its growing up, and..

Our Ruling Values

- The Bible – God’s Name is the constitution of our life.

Our mission, Vision, and Goal

Our message, Vision, and Mission
Our mission: Delivery of God’s... 

National Unity in Home series

Ibrahimia Media Center has produced El-Beit series, one of the newest..

Router series

It’s a SET-COM discuss the Internet addiction’ phenomenon.  the social media websites and its inconvenient 

Kids TV Program

It’s about children creation of satellite station to discuss their problems...

Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.