Women in Media


The Projects Department is implementing the Women in Media Project, where the project aims to shed light on women's issues and how the media deals with them. The project works on two main pathways:

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Volunteers’ training of Masrtopia 12 workshop in Assiut

The "Capacity Building for Peace" (CBP) project team went to Assiut to start the activities of the first phase of the cooperation protocol signed with the civil society organizations participating in the project.

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Masrtopia 12 workshop in Assiut

The Capacity Building for Peace project (CBP) implemented the "Masrtopia 12 Workshop for the children of Assiut Governorate, through the cooperation with Justice and peace office of the Catholic Church and Sout elshabab association for training and development.

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Signing cooperation protocols Of "Capacity Building for Peace" (CBP) project in Assiut

 Ibrahimia Media Center signed a cooperation agreement with the Sout elshabab Foundation for Training and Development and the Office of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church in Assiut to support the capabilities of institutions to promote social peace. Signing of cooperation protocols came during the visit of the project manager

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Fighting domestic violence against women

According to the demographic survey of 2015, large numbers of women in the Egyptian society are subjected to domestic violence. Up to 47% of married women suffer from abuse by their husbands because they are the most vulnerable group according to the society.

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Follow-up meeting for "Capacity Building for Peace" (CBP) project


 On Sunday, March 27, 2022, the Steering committee for the “Capacity Building for Peace” (CBP) project met, led by the project manager and peace activities consultant, Mr. Sameh Nassiem Gayed at the Ibrahimia Media Center (IMC).

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Interreligious Peace Building Project

This was the second phase of the "Religious Dialogue" project, our main focus was to decrease the interreligious sectarian violence incidents, through an initiative aiming to create an Early Warning and Early Response teams that can deal with interreligious violent conflicts at an early stage

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