Training philosophy:

Training philosophy is one of the main concern of Ibrahimia Media Center to enable the creators of their tools to express 

 the best of their work  of art, also give an opportunity to the interested in specific studies under the supervision of specialized professionals in their materials qualified to be well presented with their experiences and fieldwork through media production . 

Regarding Human resources, IMC is trying to improve personal life of people in the society through education, development and cultivation.

Region Requirement:

Our Arab Region is suffering of shortage of specific information and enlightenment domain.

According to the new open-up technology of space and satellite channels, there was a big need of a new generation to present the best qualified of an Information Material message.

Hence, IMC took the priority between those organizations offering those specific high quality courses not only in Egypt, but also all over Arab countries to be new Alexandrian’s Lighthouse foundation help all around.

IMC has hosted lots of different trainers’ nationalities in Media & Human Resources’ domains to improve individual skills.

Training Types :

Training types in IMC various between specific courses in Media , in Human Resources, raising awareness, lawyers & development.

In Media Filed:

IMC is offering special courses in different field such as :

Directing , acting, lighting, photographing, editing , sound engineering, TV’ hosting, writing, radio production to all interested in different media fields.

In Humanities Field:

Since IMC’ establishement , the cooperation between both Project & Training departments and lots of organizations looking forward for a better life offering all kind of different trainings and workshops like:

Documentary Films:

Lots of Documentary Films were held in a successive monthly sessions to submit woman & child’ issues.

Woman’s issue took the largest attention in Ibrahimia Media Center’ training in collaboration with Project’ Department monitoring on women’s awareness & equality in Arab Societies.

Violence against woman and changing the society’s vision towards woman and her rights, also child gained a large place and importance in training courses such as Child Labor, Child’ Education, Child’ Health, Child’ Streets

HIV Awareness: is one the essential training at IMC due to its importance (acceptance and coexistence of the injured) to take of the social stigma of it.

Human Rights & Advocacy is also one the main workshop in Ibrahimia Media Center in the past ten years. 

Strategic support: lots of training were held to increase the capability of the organization and its social’ influence.

Creative Thinking

Ibrahimia Media Center has developed lots of workshops through creative thinking to associate with social research’ outcomes to submit creative best solutions in our real world.

Peace Culture

Ibrahimia Media Center has developed lots of workshops focused on different kinds of conflict & dispute concepts and how to manage, to face and to stand off.