Raising awareness about children rights through media in MENA region

This project was implemented in two phases, phase I was on 2009 – 2010 is considered to be a pilot phase for the second phase, It aimed to produce media production materials concerning children rights, these materials to be broadcasted to the national channels, as it should benefit families in general and parents in specific, also it will benefit different organizations in the society where a lot of children in the MENA region suffer from many problems as (street children, education problems, child labor, child abuse,  etc…)

The second phase was on 2011 -2014 aims to construct change, build organizations capacities, and raise parents awareness about the children current situation and their respective rights.

The organization conducted a research about the children current situation in the region, defining the stakeholders and their needs and chances. Also producing 6 television commercials targeting children rights, in addition to producing 6 documentary movies was played to the targeted parents, teachers and persons in authority regarding children in the community, all these materials were handled to organizations during children special ceremonies and events. Moreover launching a website presenting counseling services for parents and teachers regarding children issue.