Religious Dialogue

Arabs in the Middle East region see their religion as an integral part of their daily life, they make no distinction between the sacred and the secular, religion and politics were inseparable. For the majority of these peoples, their primary identity has been religious.

And so religion comes to be seen as the cause of conflict and is often, in fact, an intensifier of conflicts whose causes are outside religion. Stereotypes and false images of the other emerged resulting to fear and misunderstanding.

In our first phase of the project, our aim was to open the eyes of ordinary people to recognize their 'neighbors' and motivate them to get to know the 'other' better, to prove and insist on the possibility of religions living together in a peaceful and constructive way and to surpass the stereotypes, preconceptions, and misconceptions that were accumulated through the years of isolation and fear.

Thus, the methodology was to spread awareness, building new interreligious communities, Organizing conferences and seminars in Egypt, Lebanon & Jordan, producing TV drama series, and combining both Muslim and Christian children in ground activities serving society like planting trees, visiting orphanages, etc. which will be facilitated by different local and regional partners such as Caritas Egypt, Caritas Lebanon, Caritas Jordan, scout groups, local city councils, clubs and schools.